So You Think You Can Hashtag?

To kick off the “Social Media Series”, let’s talk about hash-tagging.

Hashtagging hand symbol

** Hashtag-hand-gesture curated by Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake. If you haven’t seen the video watch it here!

Are you an offender of some major Hashtag felonies? No worries, ListaLand has you covered with a few tips on how to get out of Social Media jail and help you share your content! Don’t be that person with the meaningless hashtags that get you nothing (see below)! Just like most everything in life, it’s all about quality over quantity…


From all of the Social Media content and articles I have read these are three golden nuggets of wisdom I can share:

1. Use no more than THREE hashtags… and make them good. The amount of hashtags you use really does matter. Nothing cheapens your post quite like a million nonsensical hashtags. Often times you will see that there is a specified hashtag for certain events and causes. Try to use those as the meat of your hashtagging instead of the ones that everyone use like #love, #PhotoOfTheDay or even the dreaded and desperate #FollowMe.

2. Also hashtags won’t work that well if your profile is “private”  because no one other than your friends will be able to see your content…just something to consider.

3. Please optimize your descriptions and titles and links. I mean it’s a super simple way to gain credibility because no one wants to click-on/follow someone who has poor grammar or broken links.

For more SOCIAL MEDIA tips come back next week for another installment on the ListaLand Social Media Series!


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