Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… There’s a Difference.

Are you frustrated with how your content sharing is going? Do you feel like you’re sharing your content for nothing? Let me guess, it’s not going as viral as you had hoped…? Perhaps the problem isn’t your actual content, but instead how you’re sharing your content.

This week at ListaLand we’re giving you a new social media rule to live by: what you’re posting depends on where you’re posting it!” 

Facebook      Twitter Instagram

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People want different things from different social platforms. It’s important to be able to share the same content across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in ways that are “tailored to each channel“… Let’s take a look!

1. Facebook: Posting content on Facebook requires a better understanding of your audience. They’ve already liked your page, you have their attention so now it is your job to keep it! People come to Facebook for more than just a quick status… they want a story. The best way to win over your fans is engage them in a story-driven way! Tell them about what you an/or your company is up to, ask questions, opinions, etc.

2. Twitter: Every “tweet” you see is a headline. People scan their Twitter feed to see what’s going on in the world at the moment. Therefore you might want to gear your tweets in a personality-filled, 140-character, headline-driven way. Tweets with photos and links are proven to have more interaction. Try to incorporate them to promote your brand!

3. Instagram: It’s human nature to want to know what’s going on and Instagram is the platform that grants your followers the satisfaction with a properly filtered photo. Show them what’s going on behind the scenes and who you are so they can better understand and see what goes into the making of your own brand. Allow them to be a part of the story with a double-tap!

What is your favorite social media channel? Tweet us @ListaLand and tell us!


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