New Years Mindset


2015 is HERE!

Happy New Year 2015Every new year brings with it a sense of hope. Hope that this will be the year you finally make tons of cash, lose the extra weight or eat carrots instead of the Cheetos. I don’t know about you, but these types of “resolutions” aren’t so my style. They’re too definitive and it’s like the second you choose the junk food then your whole year’s ruined. Instead I adopt a new “mindset”…

In 2014 I promised myself that I would “learn to say no” to things I didn’t feel like doing. While I only had about a 60% success rate, I still saved myself a fair amount of grief and learned to stand up for the things I actually liked to do.

This year I’m going to “learn to say YES” to the things I’ve been dreaming of doing! Life is short right? Don’t hold back. Give yourself the gift of saying YES and make sh*t happen now!

Happy New Year to you & yours. Cheers!


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