Week’s Links: Feel Empowered

What a week eh? Sometimes I forget how much of a gift it is to be able to have a platform to speak my mind. Blogging gives the freedom of journalism to millions of us and the events of this week have only made me to realize #JeSuisCharlie too. Feel blessed, share your beliefs and #PrayForParis.

On a lighter note here are some awesome links I found that are making me feel more empowered as a blogger!

Listaland Week's Links: #JeSuisCharlie

#1. Did you know you can be Powerful, Likable AND a Female?! (hmm who would have thought…) Learn from Jenna Lyons.

#2. I really like how The Everygirl prompts “30 day challenges” for their followers every month. It’s always something achievable and I always think to myself “wait, why am I not doing this already?” THIS MONTH: Drink More WATER!

#3. I’m really trying to keep my weekly to-do’s better organized. Turns out a pair & a spare did a super cool collab with Belinda Love Lee and this is what you’re next 50 weeks of 2015 could look like! (cough*organized*cough)

a pair &a spare collaboration with Belinda Love Lee

#4. Do you know the difference between widgets and plug-ins? (Ya, I didn’t) You honestly won’t even believe what an impact it makes! The Bloguettes lay it down for all of us.

#5. Are you looking for new ideas for your blog? The lovely lady over at Bleubird does a 52 Project where she shares the images that encapsulate her week. It’s a rather neat idea that can serve as a personal memoir one day!

What the coolest thing you’ve read online this week? 


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