Thanksgiving Hacks, Tips & Tricks

I walked by Williams-Sonoma yesterday and the chalkboard sign they always have outside read “15 days until Thanksgiving!!” >> OMG really?

Uh, where is time going? More importantly what am I going to put on the menu for Turkey Day?! #stress

In a quest to answer my own questions (no, I still don’t know why time is flying by) I found some awesome outlets that are dedicated to making sure your holiday goes off great!

1. Pinterest

This is epic. Pinterest is so intuitive to what we, as pinners, really need to pin…now. At the moment the they are featuring top tips and boards from people who know how to put on a feast; Rachel Ray, The New York Times, and other foodie bloggers of all types. With their help you could pin your way to a vegan Thanksgiving if you really wanted to.

First-Timers Thanksgiving with Pinterest

ps. check out some ideas on what to do with your left-overs for daysss.

2. Williams-Sonoma Classes

FREE classes for all! I learned how to carve a Turkey and tips on making mashed potatoes (I didn’t know you were supposed to boil potatoes from cold water) last Sunday in their store. Plus I got to eat the food after they demonstrated! #yum

Williams-Sonoma, as a company, really cares about making sure their customers can put on a spread no matter what time of year it is. Find a Culinary Technique Class at a store near you.

Williams Sonoma Technique Class

3. Infographic from The Savory

No more worrying about your turkey’s cook time or how many rolls your Uncles Joe will eat. The Savory made it easy with this infographic. You’re welcome!

Thanksgiving Infographic to help with portions and turkey cook time

Got any Thanksgiving hacks of your own? Share with us in the comments below!

Most importantly be thankful and spread some love!