Week’s Links: What Are You Pinning?

Question: what do you find yourself doing in the spare nooks and crannies of your time?

Me? Well I spend my extra time on Pinterest saving all sorts of things I want to reference for those rainy days. Today I’m sharing my favorite pins from this week!

#1. Let’s start with a mantra >  TREAT YO SELF because why not?

Treat Yo Self on Pinterest

#2. I just bought my first ticket abroad to Norway (yay)! However, I think it is the just beginning of some globetrotting in my future… Here’s 12 Beautiful & Unique Destinations to See in Your 20s!

#3. Are you post college and looking for a job? I am and this article helps put it all in perspective: 13 ways to up your financial game.

#4. Having a little trouble keeping that healthy-eating resolution? Well Byrdie has your next 30-Day Eating Challenge! (Ps. it looks super tasty!)

#5. Attention Social Media Marketing Mavens! May I present The Ultimate Social Network Cheat Sheet with every pixel dimension you could possibly want to reference while posting online.

What are you pinning? Share with me in the comments below 🙂


Week’s Links: Netflix Binge

Guilty as charged! This week I’ve been applying for jobs like a madman. Cover letter after cover letter, I sat on my couch and melted into two seasons of Parenthood (omg, so good!). It’s like you don’t mean for a binge to happen and then it just does…

Parenthood on NBC

Anyways, here are some links I loved along the way:

Listaland Week's Links: Netflix Binge

#1. First and foremost, what are you having for brunch today? The Everygirl lists 3 Cozy Winter At-Home Brunches that will make you be all *nomnomnom* all morning long!

#2. I found this GREAT website called Career Contessa in my huge search for a job! They have so much advice to offer and interviews with successful and admirable women. Try perusing a little on their blog to start!

#3. How teenagers really think about different social media platforms from an actual teen! (it’s actually kinda funny.)

#4. Clean out your Facebook friends list, engage more on LinkedIn, spend less time trying to craft the perfect Instagram photo and learn to unplug. Ridiculous and obvious social media resolutions you’ll want to try.

#5. Are you a good employee? Well here’s how to be a fantastic one!

Do you have any career advice for me? Or even some awesome links for your week?

Week’s Links: Feel Empowered

What a week eh? Sometimes I forget how much of a gift it is to be able to have a platform to speak my mind. Blogging gives the freedom of journalism to millions of us and the events of this week have only made me to realize #JeSuisCharlie too. Feel blessed, share your beliefs and #PrayForParis.

On a lighter note here are some awesome links I found that are making me feel more empowered as a blogger!

Listaland Week's Links: #JeSuisCharlie

#1. Did you know you can be Powerful, Likable AND a Female?! (hmm who would have thought…) Learn from Jenna Lyons.

#2. I really like how The Everygirl prompts “30 day challenges” for their followers every month. It’s always something achievable and I always think to myself “wait, why am I not doing this already?” THIS MONTH: Drink More WATER!

#3. I’m really trying to keep my weekly to-do’s better organized. Turns out a pair & a spare did a super cool collab with Belinda Love Lee and this is what you’re next 50 weeks of 2015 could look like! (cough*organized*cough)

a pair &a spare collaboration with Belinda Love Lee

#4. Do you know the difference between widgets and plug-ins? (Ya, I didn’t) You honestly won’t even believe what an impact it makes! The Bloguettes lay it down for all of us.

#5. Are you looking for new ideas for your blog? The lovely lady over at Bleubird does a 52 Project where she shares the images that encapsulate her week. It’s a rather neat idea that can serve as a personal memoir one day!

What the coolest thing you’ve read online this week? 

Week’s Links: Start 2015 like this…

Have you thought about how you’re going to make it your best year yet? Here are my 5 favorite links of the week that are helping me put 2015 into perspective!

Listaland Week's Links: Start 2015 like this…

#1. I really enjoy reading Margo’s travel posts on The Overseas Escape. In her recent post, 9 Goals for Bloggers in 2015, she brings to the table some really excellent blogging advice, tips and tricks. Learn how to leverage Google calendars, finances & implement honest engagement strategies… stuff I didn’t even think about!

#2. No explanation necessary: Why Leandra Medine is the Boss of Blogging.

#3. They key to unlocking your productivity from @weworkmagazine.

#4. Want to post your Instagrams to Twitter as native Twitter photos? @wakanouka wrote a little tutorial that will set you up with the coolest Twitter account around!

#5. Do you guys follow @tinatbh on Twitter? I LOL with every tweet.

Have you read anything awesome this week?