Week’s Links: Netflix Binge

Guilty as charged! This week I’ve been applying for jobs like a madman. Cover letter after cover letter, I sat on my couch and melted into two seasons of Parenthood (omg, so good!). It’s like you don’t mean for a binge to happen and then it just does…

Parenthood on NBC

Anyways, here are some links I loved along the way:

Listaland Week's Links: Netflix Binge

#1. First and foremost, what are you having for brunch today? The Everygirl lists 3 Cozy Winter At-Home Brunches that will make you be all *nomnomnom* all morning long!

#2. I found this GREAT website called Career Contessa in my huge search for a job! They have so much advice to offer and interviews with successful and admirable women. Try perusing a little on their blog to start!

#3. How teenagers really think about different social media platforms from an actual teen! (it’s actually kinda funny.)

#4. Clean out your Facebook friends list, engage more on LinkedIn, spend less time trying to craft the perfect Instagram photo and learn to unplug. Ridiculous and obvious social media resolutions you’ll want to try.

#5. Are you a good employee? Well here’s how to be a fantastic one!

Do you have any career advice for me? Or even some awesome links for your week?


Effective Online Writing from Your Friends @Yahoo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am officially the proud owner of The Yahoo Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World.

The Yahoo Style GuideThe book expands on all things blogging, newsletters, email, UI text, SEO, mobile, HTML and copyright in its 512 pages. Mind you I have only made it to page six, but this is what I’ve learned.

Three guidelines for effective online writing:

1. Keep it short.

  • Make sure your words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages are short! It’s a good idea to include bulleted lists for organization.
  • Slim down your copy as if you’re making and brochure but for an online format.

2. Front-load your content.

  • Put most important content in the upper-left area of the screen (this is where the eyes naturally go first).
  • The most important elements of your content should be emphasized with headlines, boldface type and or other visual cues.
  • Make sure to use keywords that people might search for.

3. Keep it simple.

  • Only include 1-2 ideas per short paragraph.
  • Use simple language that is easy to scan opposed to more technical and sophisticated terms.

Write understandably

…And that’s just the start of the book! I can’t even wait to get into more!

Do you have any of your own personal guidelines for effective writing? 

Share with us in the comments below!