The Art of the Shout-Out

Here at ListaLand we’ve talked a lot about how to post and what you should be posting. What we haven’t talked about is how to properly share your work with someone and/or share their work with your world. We’d like to call this “The Art of the Shout-Out” or “S/O” for short…

Sharing helps you make friends. In the social media world the person with the most friends wins. Simple as that.

1. Sharing on Twitter

Today we’re pretty lucky to be able to contact anyone in the world just by writing them a quick 140 character note via Twitter. Whether they respond or not is -sometimes unfortunately- up to them (cough*@RyanGosling*cough). All you can do is send them a quick and positive tweet to share with them and your following why you liked their work!

Don’t forget:

  • Tag them with their respective Twitter Handle
  • Share a link to their work (Bitly helps you shorten links)
  • Use the appropriate hashtag related to what you’re talking about. (Hashtags are super important if you don’t have a link to share because they help you “join the conversation”)

2. Sharing on Pinterest

Pinterest is awesome because it is the best online filing system I’ve ever come across. What’s so cool about Pinterest is that not only can you “pin” ideas you like for yourself, but those pins are automatically shared with those who follow your profile and so on. This is the domino affect at its finest!

How to Share on Pinterest

Some websites have a “Pin It” button which makes for easy pinning, but for those that don’t you’ll have to upload it the ol’ fashioned way. In the upper right-hand corner of the Pinterest page there is button that offers different ways to add a pin. You can upload something from your desktop or add a link from a website too!

Don’t forget:

  • Include keywords in your description.
  • Hashtagging doesn’t really work on Pinterest

3. Sharing on Facebook

We all know what sharing on Facebook is. You go to your status, paste the link, press post. Easy-peasy right? The only problem is that sharing this way doesn’t ensure the people from the content you’re sharing know you’re sharing it. You are simply back-linking for them which is cool, but you won’t get any credit for it. What you should do is use the SHARE button.

How to Share on Facebook

Say I wanted to share this delicious recipe from The Gourmet Gab. I simply need to go to her Facebook page, find her post of the recipe, press share, write my own blurb about it, then post! This will help her “Sharing Statistics” on Facebook and she’ll definitely know that I’m the one who shared it.

Don’t forget: 

  • Explain why you’re sharing it to your Facebook friends

If you positively and consistently sharing content you might just gain some friends or at the very least appear to be super supportive and nice! #winning

How do you use social media to promote the things you like?

Let us know in the comments below!