3 Tips for Using Twitter Effectively

I seem to spend the majority of my time working on the ListaLand brand with its Twitter account. I am constantly asking myself am I doing enough? Is all the time I spend reading articles and tweeting about them really even worth it? Am I gaining any traction in the Social world or am I standing still? Sometimes it’s hard to tell when there aren’t direct grades or numbers to prove your overall success… am I right?!

Here are a couple of ways that have helped me better my engagement with fellow bloggers and Social Media freaks like me.

1. Always give credit where credit is due

Some people tweet about random things like what the person next them in line just said or about dropping their toothbrush in the toilet. The unimportance of said tweets renders them excused from this rule, but for the rest of you I highly recommend tagging a person &/or company in anything about them.

Crediting people > free advertising for everyone > social media karma coming your way!

2. Schedule your tweets.

Do yourself a favor and schedule your tweets. It’s hard to remember to pump out a few tweets during your day. Are you really going to stop and tweet about that awesome Forbes article you read on your coffee break? Chances are no. Plus that’s so inconvenient!

I am forever indebted to Hootsuite for being my favorite posting platform. I recently started using the AutoSchedule feature which sends your posts at optimal times making this tweet scheduling thing a mindless activity in my book! > #EPIC

Hootsuite Dashboard

3. Be nice and RT/favorite things you LIKE!

If you like it, prove it. It’s that simple. Send out some good social vibes and share other people’s content.

I’m not saying have a hay day and RT the next ten things on your feed, but if something resonates with you don’t be shy and let the Tweeter know! You know you love it when some one retweets or favorites your content. #ShareTheLove

Your turn! What are some top Twitter tips you’ve learned?



Are You Proactively Posting?

How often do you wish that things would magically happen for you?

  • Man, I wish my bed would make itself
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if my laundry was clean all of the time
  • It sure would be wonderful if my meals would just appear whenever I’m hungry
  • Boy oh boy would it be cool if everyone on Twitter followed me all at once!!

All of these things have one thing in common… they’re not going to happen!

This week we’re going to have a little lesson on being PROACTIVE. Let’s do this by learning to water our Social-Media-gardens and letting them grow!

1. Post Fresh Content Daily

If content is king, then consistency is the key. By posting fresh content everyday you are giving your readers a reason to come back time after time. The idea is to keep the things you share topic based. For instance, if you’re always posting “Celebrity Gossip” then you probably shouldn’t randomly share information on the “Financial World and Stock Exchange.” Not that it’s going to hurt you, but chances are it won’t help.

2. Schedule Content Ahead of Time

This might be seen as cheating a little bit in the Social Media world since everything is supposed to be right this minute and happening now. However I find that scheduling your Tweets and Facebook posts can really help on those busy days when you might otherwise forget. Many studies have been done to determine what the optimal times to post content for each platform are. If you apply those and find the right service to schedule content (I use Hootsuite) then you’re golden!

3. Actively Build New Connections

One of the biggest lessons we learned in preschool was to make friends. How did we do that? Usually by SHARING! Back then it was sharing our toys; nowadays it’s by sharing someone’s content and tagging them in it. Remember everyone likes to receive “props” and they’ll most likely share those “props” which in turn is free advertising for you to all of their followers. Ba-da bing, ba-da BOOM! (See example of sharing below…)

Your turn! How are you PROACTIVE on your accounts?

Let us know in the comments below!